Best Questions for Speaker Bureau Consultants to Ask Prospective Clients

Best Questions For Speakers & Speaker Bureau Consultants To Ask Prospective Clients

Speaker Bureaus Consultants and their office team handle lots of enquiries about booking speakers and people organising events. Here are some great questions to ask prospective new enquiries to help you find out whether you can help their event. Pick just a few new favourites to add to your current enquiry calls! You will get
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Using Graphics & Visual Aids to Develop Better Business Strategy

Think Differently

Graphic facilitation and graphic recording are great techniques to engage groups in the business modelling process. Visual meetings are a great way to get people involved. I couldn’t draw to save myself yet have been a big fan of visual graphics since doing a graphical facilitation and drawing course with Donna McGeorge of PEP (
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New Business Model Generation for a disrupted world

You Need a Better Business Model One of my clients turned red and burst out “They are eating our Lunch!”. He was belatedly aware that it wasn’t just the downturn or an industry recession that was causing his sales decline. Instead a new competitor was stealing his market share. The recent start-up was using web
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20 Top Tips for Small Business Growth

TOP TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH   Behind every successful business is a great leader, leading by example. In a competitive marketplace your Mindset really counts – it’s all about who you are BEING, what you KNOW, what you’re DOING and SAYING. A small shift in your mindset can give you a massive improvement in
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Finding & Keeping Great Staff – 12 Top Tips

Your staff can be the best investment you ever make or your biggest nightmare.  The truth is that you need the right people to help your business grow. In the early 1980’s, my dad ran tearooms in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. He used a special technique for hiring staff – the “warm body recruitment strategy”
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Making the Switch from Recession to Upturn


With certain cost-saving and low sales targets in place during a recession it may be quite difficult to tell if it’s time to pick up the pieces and gear up for the upturn. Experiencing a long economic downturn makes it is easy for businesses to fall into the slump of keeping profits and sales targets
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