Best Time Management Books & Resources for Practice Managers

Best Time Management Books & Resources for Practice Managers David Staughton SPEx

Best Time Management Books & Efficiency Resources for Practice Managers Too many things to do and too little time to get them done? Suffering from information overwhelm and an overflowing email inbox? Want to live a BETTER life and have more fun & balance? One of the BEST things you can do is make the
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How to Adopt a Positive Mood and Attitude in Your Clinic

PMA Adopt a positive mood and attitude

How to Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) and grow your Practice by David Staughton CSP CCEO, Keynote Speaker on Business Growth in tough times and Expert on Small Business My number 1 tip for success is adopting a Positive Mental Attitude (or PMA) in Life and at Work. Right now we need good leadership and
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Best Productivity & Effectiveness Tips – How to get BETTER RESULTS fast

Productivity Tips

10 BEST Ways to Improve Your Productivity & Team Effectiveness at your Practice At work, you’re probably BUSY and like most business owners just love being ‘hands-on’. But if you are consumed by your workplace – stressed, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed or feeling poorly rewarded – you are probably doing it WRONG! You need better PRODUCTIVITY. Your
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Living a Better Life – Ways to Work Smarter NOT Harder

Better Life

How to Live a Better Life – Be Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser and Happier by Working Smarter NOT Harder Everyone hopes for a better life and a better future.  Perhaps it’s time to really set some goals, make some plans and change some OLD disempowering beliefs and habits. Let’s have a look at some tips and
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