Why Book David?

Are you looking for a captivating, inspiring and result-oriented presentation? As an event planner you have a tremendous responsibility. Finding the right keynote speaker can be a daunting task and your choice will either make or break an event.

With David Staughton you have the security of hiring a keynote speaker who is a seasoned professional. David understands what a demanding process it is to coordinate a meeting. As a result, he works closely with meeting planners to understand the message that needs to be conveyed. This ensures that the event will be a resounding success.

When you hire David, you are hiring 30 years of solid business experience and a keynote speaker with an established track record of success. David is a proven performer who connects with his audience and leaves them entertained, excited and alive with possibilities. As a result, your audience will thank you for bringing David to the event and you’ll look like a hero for having hired him.

6 Reasons to Hire David:

  • Inspiring –David’s captivating story of how he overcame near-bankruptcy to create a business empire will inspire and enthral the audience. David is a master storyteller and transforms his real world experiences into a blueprint for success and improvement.
  • Practical – David teaches solid business principles that can be applied immediately to your business challenges, with outstanding results. His focus is on creating measurable value for your organisation.
  • Experience – David knows what it takes to succeed in any economy because he has done it. Further, David has successfully founded and run multiple businesses and knows from first-hand experience what it takes to drive sales and make a company prosper.
  • Versatile – David has decades of experience in a number of key industries, including Mining, Retail, Marketing, Hospitality, Franchise, Travel, Tourism & Consulting.
  • Interactive – David’s presentations are an interactive experience, not a one-way speech. Your audience will be engaged and entertained, and will play an active part in David’s keynote.
  • Customised – David customises all his speeches to meet your organisation’s needs and goals. David diligently researches your company, industry and competitors before he takes the stage, to ensure that you get the maximum return on investment possible.

Looking for a keynote speaker guaranteed to make an impact? Look no further. Hire David to make your next event a success!