How To Make the Most of Any Specialist – Selling the Backend

How To Make the Most of Any Specialist

The Rule of 26 – Turning Inspiration into Implementation – How to Make the Most of the Ideas of any Specialist, Expert or Conference Speaker you Hire Motivational Keynote Speakers are known for inspiring and making an significantly memorable impact at conferences. If you want their key messages to be implemented – you’ll need a
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Best Questions for Speakers & Speaker Bureau Consultants to Ask Prospective Clients

Best Questions For Speakers & Speaker Bureau Consultants To Ask Prospective Clients

Speaker Bureaus Consultants, Conference Speakers and their office team handle LOTS of enquiries about booking speakers and people organising events. Here are some great questions to ask prospective new enquiries to help you find out whether you can help their event. Pick just a few new favourites to add to your current enquiry calls! You
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Hot Conference Topics & Event Planner Buzzwords


What Conference Audiences Want One of the best ways to ensure record conference attendance is to have great speakers that will pull a crowd and speakers that do awesome presentations which will ensure repeat attendance at next year’s event. The role of a conference organiser or event planner is to run a profitable and successful
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How a Handshake Can Determine if You’re Hiring a Salesperson

Here are some tips on how to do that thing we’re all supposed to be doing, but often forget or just get lazy and sort of skip over: sell, sell, sell. Don’t Be a Premature Price Presenter How often do you get a call asking a simple price question? If someone calls up with a
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7 Steps To Saving More Money! – Cutting Costs & Reducing Your Expenses by Being a Top Tightwad & Buying Better

My mum went on a negotiation techniques training course last year and acquired just one new habit – asking for a discount every time in every place! Since then she has saved thousands of dollars by just asking the simple question “Is that your best price?” and waiting in uncomfortable silence. If SHE can do
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The Path To Profit: Focus & Fun With Numbers

How’s your relationship with numbers? Do you find your business’ financial statements a source of fear or frustration? Some business owners get totally overwhelmed by their financials and choose to monitor just a few numbers – usually bank balance or weekly sales. Other analyse too many numbers and suffer from ‘paralysis by analysis’ – they just
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It’s What You Say and How You Say It – Making the Most of Phone Enquiries

phone enquiries

It takes a lot of money and effort to get the phone to ring with a potential new customer! The marketing cost for each inbound prospect call is around $50 to $100. Whether the prospect buys and how much they spend is totally dependent on the quality of the call and the skill of the
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20 Top Tips for Turbulent Times – What Makes a Successful Business?

Behind every successful business is a great leader, leading by example. In this current turbulent market your Mindset really counts – it’s all about who you are being, what you know, what you’re doing and saying. A small shift in your mindset can give you a massive improvement in results. Here are my twenty top
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