BOOKS by David Staughton

As a best-selling author, David Staughton has several books & E-books to help you improve your customer experience and grow your business.

The VIP PRINCIPLE (with Michelle Pascoe)

Guest relations experts Michelle Pascoe and David Staughton have spent a combined 50 years researching and perfecting the art of customer service and are now sharing that knowledge and insight through their book, The VIP Principle. 

In a modern marketplace, focus on customer experience is of the utmost importance as it has never been harder to compete for a customer’s dollar. This book shows readers how to delight their BEST customers and keep them coming back and bringing others.

Michelle and David take a scientific approach to the customer experience, outlining the strategies to measure client satisfaction, identify strengths and weaknesses, create a workplace of high-quality values and ethics, and prioritise improvements based on guests’ needs. Readers can learn how to delight current VIP customers and identify future VIP customers based on two decades of research in the industry.

Throughout the book, case studies and scenarios highlight real stories of what it takes to progress a business to the next level by creating and retaining loyal guests. From training in “first impressions” to detailed competitor analysis, the authors walk readers through each step to expand an already successful business or revamp one that’s in need of a makeover.

Businesses that are NOT focused on finding their NEXT VIP customers will find themselves irrelevant in a fast-changing, disrupted marketplace.

The VIP Principle is a MUST READ for anyone running a service-based business.

Secrets of Small Business Owners BOOK

“There are over 1.2 million small businesses across Australia – many of which struggle every year to survive. However, this groundbreaking book gives hope. Get up-close and personal with fifteen small business owners who are making it big. Now, for the first time, you can discover their inspirational stories and the secrets behind their extraordinary success!”

In this book you will discover:

  • Creative ways to raise money to get your business idea started
  • Dozens of low-cost marketing strategies that really work
  • How to find ambitious and loyal staff to grow your business even faster
  • What it takes to develop life-long customers and word-of-mouth promotion
  • How to buy established and profitable businesses for very little money
  • What to do to expand nationally and tap into large overseas markets
  • How to effectively juggle your business, personal and family life

Featuring written material by David Staughton, a HOT keynote speaker for small business conferences and expert on growing Small Businesses.

Secrets of Top Sales Professionals BOOK

“This is a book for people who want to discover how to double or triple their sales. Having assembled fourteen of the country’s best, we share exactly what they do to generate millions of dollars in sales every year. So, whether you’re working in a sales role, are a manager looking to increase performance, or a business owner seeking larger profits, this book has all the questions and, more importantly, all the answers!”

In this book you will discover…

  • Why the ability to sell is critical to career success
  • Special traits that all successful sales professionals have in common
  • How to effectively prospect for new business and overcome call reluctance
  • Specific questions you should ask to uncover the real needs of a customer
  • How to close more sales than ever before and receive dozens of referrals
  • Intelligent techniques to dramatically increase your average dollar sale
  • How you can earn $1 million a year as a top sales professional

Featuring written material by David Staughton. David is a motivational keynote speaker and business growth consultant specialising in improving customer experience.


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