Adding HUMOUR to Your Conference Presentations – LIST of Resources

Funny Speaker

How to be a more Entertaining & Engaging Speaker by using Humour and Comedy Being more humorous, adding fun & laughter to your presentation is ESSENTIAL for a professional speaker. Many stand-up comedians are now doing very well on the speaking circuit. You’ll get better audience response and your message will be more memorable if
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Beyond the Keynote – a LIST of other things a Speaker can offer

How To Make the Most of Any Specialist

How to Turn a Conference Speakers INSPIRATION into IMPLEMENTATION through Repetition & other Supporting Services   Professional Keynote Speakers and Presenters are known for inspiring audiences and making a significant and memorable impact at conferences and events. If you want the key messages to be implemented – you’ll need a lot more repetition and reinforcement
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Which Conference Speakers have the BEST Speaker Website? – THE GUIDE

Conference Speaker Website

DAVE STAUGHTON’s GUIDE TO THE BEST KEYNOTE SPEAKER WEBSITES How good is your SPEAKER WEBSITE? You’ll need a great Speaker Website if you want to CONVERT more prospects into buyers. Your website is your HOME on the internet and it needs to be professional and up-to-date. It MUST offer VISUAL PROOF that you are the
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Systems 102 – Resources for Replicating your Business Success

Systems 102 - Replicating Business Success

Resources for Building Your Business Group and Expanding to Multiple Locations If you want to build a large sustainable business,  then you need solid foundations and key building blocks for replicating your success. You’ll need to build a great “A team”, develop good Systems & Processes and learn more about Finances. These books are strongly
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Convert More Speaker Enquiries into Bookings – BEST QUESTIONS TO ASK

Best Questions For Speakers & Speaker Bureau Consultants To Ask Prospective Clients

BEST QUESTIONS for Speakers & Speaker Bureau Consultants to Convert more Speaker Enquiries How do you convert more speaker enquiries into bookings? – Ask BETTER QUESTIONS By David Staughton CSP CCEO, Professional Speaker and Small Business Consultant Speakers & Bureau Consultants and their office team handle lots of enquiries about booking speakers and people organising
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Best Videographers, Photographers and Tools for Speakers – A LIST

Videographer for Speakers

Who are the BEST VIDEOGRAPHERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS for Conference Speakers? Here is a list of useful Videographers, Editors and Photographers for Keynote Speakers. By David Staughton CSP CCEO, Professional Speaker and Small Business Consultant Videos are a critical part of speaker marketing – just remember that PHOTOS beats “just Words” but a great VIDEO really
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GROWING your Professional Speaking Business 102 – A Useful LIST of Resources

Grow Your Speaking

How can I get MORE Speaking Gigs and grow my Speaking Business? If you want to give more presentations and make a difference to more audiences then you’ll need to treat your speaking like a Speaking Business. Here are some great resources that can help… BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & SALES SKILLS FOR SPEAKERS Most speakers are
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Where can I Speak? LIST of Organisations wanting a Guest Speaker

NEW Speaker

The BEST Places for a New or Guest Speaker to Start speaking for Free or Low Fee Every new and guest speaker wants to find more places to SPEAK – you have to start somewhere and find an audience. Developing your ability to SPEAK professionally is about PRACTICING your presentation and getting more feedback. You’ll
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BEST Speaking COACHES & Mentors for Speakers – A LIST to develop Speaker Skills

Speaker Coaching

Who are the BEST Speaker Coaches and Speaker Mentors to Develop Your Speaking Skills ? Do you need to develop your Professional Speaking Skills?  – Then you have come to the right place to find the BEST Speaking Coaches & TOP Speaker Mentors! For professional speakers, it can take thousands of hours of practice to
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Growing Your Professional Speaker Business 101- Strategies for Success

Speaker Development

BEST Ways to Grow your Professional Speaker Business and Get more Speaker Bookings Shep Hyken – Famous NSA customer service speaker in USA says “the number 1 job of a speaker is to get more gigs as a speaker”. Speaking is the EASY part – Your Speaker Business takes WORK. Fredrik Haren – International speaker
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