Keynote Topics

Keynote Presentations for conferences and meetings:

With over 20 years  “Hands on” experience running Hospitality and Health businesses, Dave knows how to attract and delight customers.

He is a Customer Experience Expert from Melbourne with these popular conference theme topics

  1. CREATING A VIP CULTURE – How to create a Workplace Culture that Delights Customers
  2. DELIVERING a VIP EXPERIENCE – How to Delight Your Customers and Build Your Reputation
  3. FUTURE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES – Finding Opportunities to Grow in the future
  4. ONLINE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES – How to delight your customers online
  5. HIGH VALUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES – How to attract VIP Customers and convince them to pay more


David is flexible and can work with you to create a customised presentation that will ensure your event is a memorable success.

1. CREATING A “VIP CULTURE” – How to create a Workplace Culture that Delights Customers 

  • Why a VIP Culture is great for everyone
  • Loving Your Customers and your Team
  • How to get all your team on the VIP  Journey

2. DELIVERING A VIP  EXPERIENCE – How to Delight Your Customers and Build Your Reputation

  • Learn how to get more ‘repeat and referral business
  • From Funnel to Flywheel – get your customers to come back & tell others
  • The Value of VIPs – Your Loyal Customers

3. THE FUTURE OF CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES – Finding Opportunities to Grow in The Future

  • Rapid Change is a challenge! – Be inspired to GROW your business in any marketplace
  • Learn about the latest trends and changes in Demographics and Customer Communications
  • Find out about Technologies and Tools that can help you attract more customers of the future

David demonstrates how to use challenging economic times to your advantage and use it as an opportunity to increase profits, market share and customer base. Use David’s proven tools help businesses in troubling economic times.

 4. ONLINE CUSTOMER DELIGHTS – Delighting Your Customers Online

  • On the Web EVERYTHING counts – From Google Search to Websites & Social Media
  • Learn how to improve your first impressions and Online User Experience (UX)
  • Find out how to Build Your Tribe –  an online VIP community with authentic conversations

5. HIGH VALUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES – How to attract VIP Customers and get them to pay more


  • How to make the most of every customer, enquiry and transaction
  • How to get more regulars, repeats and referrals
  • Explaining and Delivering your HIGH VALUE

This keynote will transform the way you think about marketing your professional services and your business. Learn how you can consistently attract and retain all the clients you can handle.