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Staff Engagement

In this piece, David Staughton discusses Staff Engagement and how to get the most out of your staff. How do you get your staff to significantly improve sales?

Remember: Your reality is a reflection of your mindset and your team is a reflection of your mindset.

Sales Success

Join David Staughton as he discusses how to increase sales success by improving relationships.

Remember: The importance of upselling!

Selling Professional Services

David discusses how services professionals need to remember to plant the seeds to get work, rather than falling into the “get work, do work” cycle.

Remember: Don’t be a premature price presenter!

APCO Event 2014 – the Road to Awesome

During this fantastic event for businesses, David Staughton discusses selling more, improving customer service, managing and engaging staff, and leadership.

Remember: Staff reflect the mood of the boss!

Mackay Small Business Week

David Staughton talks about small business week and workshops for sales, strategy and web marketing.

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