How To Make the Most of Any Specialist – Selling the Backend

The Rule of 26 – Turning Inspiration into Implementation – How to Make the Most of the Ideas of any Specialist, Expert or Conference Speaker you Hire

How To Make the Most of Any Specialist

Motivational Keynote Speakers are known for inspiring and making an significantly memorable impact at conferences. If you want their key messages to be implemented – you’ll need a lot more repetition – which can be done in a number of different innovative ways.

It is just like getting fit – going to the gym ONCE just doesn’t cut it. Memorable stories and messages that stick need to be repeated and repeated to be embedded. Simple stuff sticks and repetition gets results.

Speakers call it “The rule of 26” – in a typical audience about 4% of the attendees will take action after hearing the ideas presented once. If you want Nearly ALL of your attendees to get the message then you need to tell them 26 times. Repeatedly telling the stories, mantras and catch phrases until they stick.

Here are some of the ways that speakers and specialists can provide more ways to implement and repeat their content.

A List of Extras You Can Get From Speakers & Specialists

Highest Value OffersHow To Make the Most of Any Specialist - Selling the Backend

  • Organised trips & study tours – Europe, UK, Africa.
  • Retreats and Getways – Asia, Thailand, Qld, Regional
  • Online courses
  • Memberships site Subscriptions
  • Web-related services and technology consulting
  • Member Retreats
  • Training Broker Company
  • Story telling Forums
  • Personal referrals to other professionals
  • Parent Trips / Teaching
  • Mastermind groups
  • Licensed products
  • Licensed IP

Mid Value Offer

  • Webinars
  • Selling products before and afterHow To Make the Most of Any Specialist - Selling the Backend
  • Onsite Service Audit/Consulting
  • Masterclass
  • Industry specific blogs
  • Group Mentoring
  • Facilitate MC and Breakouts
  • Other Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Online training
  • Writing custom books
  • Selling Insurance / Financial Services
  • Surveys e.g. 360 degrees survey
  • Resources tool kit
  • Making Videos
  • Lecturing
  • Training Courses
  • Assessment tools

Lowest Value OfferHow To Make the Most of Any Specialist - Selling the Backend

  • Blogs and Blogging
  • Selling “White Label” Products for internal use
  • Paid Newsletter
  • Paid Articles
  • Online Videos
  • DVDs
  • Offering Books & E-Books
  • A USB full of E-Books etc

For more ideas of making the most of your next conference or meeting, contact Melbourne Conference Speaker Dave Staughton on (03) 9525 8515

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