Tips for Preparing for Any Emergency at Your Conference

Conference Organiser’s Tips for Emergencies

As an event organiser, planning for any major emergencies is critical. It is essential that you have plans in place to respond effectively to health and safety incidents and other emergencies that might occur at an event.

Follow these tips to ensure a safe and successful event.

1. Custom Design Your Event Emergency Planevent emergency plan

It is important to note that the emergency plan needs to be custom designed to the level of risk presented by event activities and the potential extent and severity of incidents. Consider the key risks to the event and those people present.

Your emergency plan should include clear procedures to be followed by staff and volunteers in an emergency. You should include contingencies to deal with a variety of incidents and situations, as well as to more serious emergencies, including major incidents that will require the help of the emergency services and implementation of their regional emergency plans.

2. Address the Basics

Whatever type of event you have, your emergency plan should address the same basic requirements:

  1. Relocating people to a safer location and away from immediate danger
  2. Accessible emergency services
  3. Ability to handle casualties
  4. Deal with the displaced/non-injured
  5. Liaise with the emergency services and other authorities
  6. Protect property

3. Establish Emergency Proceduresevent emergency plan

Your emergency plan should have clear procedures for staff and volunteers to follow in an emergency. This should include:

  • Raising the alarm
  • Informing the public
  • Onsite emergency response
  • Summoning the emergency services
  • Crowd management, including evacuation
  • Evacuation of people with disabilities
  • Traffic management, including emergency vehicles
  • Incident control
  • Liaison with emergency services
  • Providing first aid and medical assistance

It pays to be prepared as emergencies can develop very rapidly. A great event will go out without a hitch if you have the proper event emergency plan in place.

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