E-Books by David Staughton

David Staughton is an expert keynote speaker, workshop presenter and conference MC  that can help you grow your business results by delighting clients and customers.

David has written a series of ten eBooks to assist his client to make a dollar and a difference in business.

PPS is a series of 10 eBooks specially designed for Professional Service Businesses 

E-Book topics include:

  1. Adopt a Winners Mindset – Energising Yourself to Attract More
  2. Get a Game Plan – Planning to Achieve your Goals
  3. Be Seen and Get Known – Local Area Marketing Strategies that work
  4. Making Connections Count – Working with Alliances to Get More Leads
  5. Top Telephone Techniques – Using the Phone to Make More Money
  6. Being More Effective – Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals
  7. Being a Client Magnet – Understanding Prospects to Make More Sales
  8. Effective Closing Techniques – Tips for Qualifying Better and Closing Faster
  9. Extra Sales Made Easy – Turning One Sale into Many with Diversification
  10. More Repeats & Referral Business – Harnessing Word of Mouth

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