The Path To Profit: Focus & Fun With Numbers

How’s your relationship with numbers? Do you find your business’ financial statements a source of fear or frustration? Some business owners get totally overwhelmed by their financials and choose to monitor just a few numbers – usually bank balance or weekly sales. Other analyse too many numbers and suffer from ‘paralysis by analysis’ – they just
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Making the Switch from Recession to Upturn


With certain cost-saving and low sales targets in place during a recession it may be quite difficult to tell if it’s time to pick up the pieces and gear up for the upturn. Experiencing a long economic downturn makes it is easy for businesses to fall into the slump of keeping profits and sales targets
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Upselling: 4 Tips to Increase Sales

“Would you like fries with that?” This simple phrase accounts for a significant percentage of the 2 billion servings of fries consumed by Americans every year. This cross selling trick has earned the fast food restaurant industry hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. So if cross selling and up selling can deliver McDonalds enough
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