7 Steps To Saving More Money! – Cutting Costs & Reducing Your Expenses by Being a Top Tightwad & Buying Better

My mum went on a negotiation techniques training course last year and acquired just one new habit – asking for a discount every time in every place! Since then she has saved thousands of dollars by just asking the simple question “Is that your best price?” and waiting in uncomfortable silence. If SHE can do
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The Path To Profit: Focus & Fun With Numbers

How’s your relationship with numbers? Do you find your business’ financial statements a source of fear or frustration? Some business owners get totally overwhelmed by their financials and choose to monitor just a few numbers – usually bank balance or weekly sales. Other analyse too many numbers and suffer from ‘paralysis by analysis’ – they just
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It’s What You Say and How You Say It – Making the Most of Phone Enquiries

phone enquiries

It takes a lot of money and effort to get the phone to ring with a potential new customer! The marketing cost for each inbound prospect call is around $50 to $100. Whether the prospect buys and how much they spend is totally dependent on the quality of the call and the skill of the
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20 Top Tips for Turbulent Times – What Makes a Successful Business?

Behind every successful business is a great leader, leading by example. In this current turbulent market your Mindset really counts – it’s all about who you are being, what you know, what you’re doing and saying. A small shift in your mindset can give you a massive improvement in results. Here are my twenty top
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Finding & Keeping Great Staff – 12 Top Tips

Your staff can be the best investment you ever make or your biggest nightmare.  The truth is that you need the right people to help your business grow. In the early 1980’s, my dad ran tearooms in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. He used a special technique for hiring staff – the “warm body recruitment strategy”
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Making the Switch from Recession to Upturn


With certain cost-saving and low sales targets in place during a recession it may be quite difficult to tell if it’s time to pick up the pieces and gear up for the upturn. Experiencing a long economic downturn makes it is easy for businesses to fall into the slump of keeping profits and sales targets
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