Best Time Management Books & Resources for Practice Managers

Best Time Management Books & Resources for Practice Managers David Staughton SPEx

Best Time Management Books & Efficiency Resources for Practice Managers Too many things to do and too little time to get them done? Suffering from information overwhelm and an overflowing email inbox? Want to live a BETTER life and have more fun & balance? One of the BEST things you can do is make the
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How to Systemise Your Practice – Systems 101

Systems 101 - How to Systemise Your Practice

Systemise Your Practice – Start with Systems 101 – A useful LIST of Systems Documents for your Practice Many surgeons, practice owners and managers play the “Guessing Game” – They let their team members try to “Guess” what they really want to achieve. Start with SYSTEMS – Always Share Your Desired OUTCOMES  with your “A Team” and
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Best Practice Management Software For Specialist Clinics In Australia

Best Practice Management Software in Australia

2021 Top Practice Management Software for Specialist Clinics in Australia Do you struggle to manage day-to-day patients appointments and billing? Do you struggle to manage your Specialist’s diary and run on time for your patients? Do you need help with managing your practice, staff or clinic and want better reports? Here is a list of
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Best Resources For Growth In Turbulent Times

Best Resources for Growth in Turbulent Times

Growth in Tough Times! – How To Grow During & After The Corona Crisis Useful  Resources and tools for surviving and thriving in Tough Times. Here are some of the BEST Growth Ideas to improve your mindset & resilience, Tips to pivot and position yourself, Working from Home Tips and Marketing ideas during the crisis
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The IMPACT of the Corona Crisis on Different Industries and the Australian Economy

Impact of Corona on Different Industries

Which industries and businesses will do well, struggle or suffer during the Corona CoVid19 Crisis? Looking for more customers during the Corona CoVid19 crisis? Want to find a new job or career during the downturn in Australia? Thinking about picking some winning companies for the near future? This article can help you as it discusses
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How To Solve Your Small Business Growth Problems

Business Problems

The Ten Most Common Small Business Problems and How to Fix Them by David Staughton CSP CCEO, Practice Management Consultant Do you have any BLINDSPOTS around your Business? Need some help solving your business problems? Want some tips to overcome your biggest business challenges? You’ve come to right place! Every Small Business Owner or Manager
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Living a Better Life – Ways to Work Smarter NOT Harder

Better Life

How to Live a Better Life – Be Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser and Happier by Working Smarter NOT Harder Everyone hopes for a better life and a better future.  Perhaps it’s time to really set some goals, make some plans and change some OLD disempowering beliefs and habits. Let’s have a look at some tips and
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Reinventing Your Business Model in a Disrupting world

Useful Resources for Reinventing Your Business Model in a VUCA world One of my clients turned red and burst out “They are eating our Lunch!”. He was belatedly aware that it wasn’t just the downturn or an industry recession that was causing his sales decline. Instead a new competitor was stealing his market share. The
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