Who Are The BEST Speakers Bureaus & Talent Managers In Australia?



Australia has some of the best Speakers Bureaus and Talent Managers in the world. They offer their clients and talented specialists exceptional service and help finding the right talent for events and the right events for their talent.

As a professional speaker since 2006 and occasional conference organiser, my speaking colleagues and I have worked with many of the leading speakers bureaus and talent managers listed below.


What do Speakers Bureaus offer?

Speakers Bureaus offer the BEST professional speakers, artists and specialist talent for organisers of conferences, meetings and conventions.

Speaker Bureau consultants can help you book the best speakers, celebrities, acts, MCs, comedians and bands for your next event.

A top speakers bureau consultant typically takes a brief on what you are looking for and has curated a selection of the “best selling” talent, found great “hot and new” talent and can help you with getting the “best value” speaker for your local event.


What do Talent Managers offer?

Talent Managers manage the development of a select and exclusive collection of talent. They help their talented speakers, acts and specialists get work & run their business better.

Talent Managers help them with development & marketing and can promote them to bureaus & clients. Some talent managers also help run their calendar or bookings diary and manage their travel, contracts and finances too.



Speakers Bureaus have been operating in Australia for around 30 years, when the conference & meeting market really took off in the early 1980’s.

Over 400,000 business events are held every year in Australia so the marketplace for professional speakers and talent is huge.

The best Speakers Bureau will be the one that is well connected and is the best FIT for you, where you can build a great relationship with bureau consultant and may also be geographically convenient and have knowledge of the best LOCAL speakers too.


Here are the TOP Speakers Bureaus in Australia.


AUSTRALIAN TALENT MANAGERS & AGENCIES – Representing Talent, Artists & Specialists

Here are some of the TOP Talent Managers & Agencies in Australia




International Association of Speakers Bureaus

Many Speaker Bureaus also belong to their own professional association – International Association of Speakers Bureaus (IASB) – their website is full of useful information for bureau consultants and talented specialists.


This blog post is updated regularly as a service to Speakers, Consultants and Event Organisers – if there are ANY inaccuracies or you have an Australian Speakers Bureau or Talent Agency and would like to be included please phone Dave Staughton on 0408375100 or just email me.

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