Best Questions for Speaker Bureau Consultants to Ask Prospective Clients

Speaker Bureaus Consultants and their office team handle lots of enquiries about booking speakers and people organising events. Here are some great questions to ask prospective new enquiries to help you find out whether you can help their event.

Pick just a few new favourites to add to your current enquiry calls!

You will get much better results if you create an enquiry sheet with a few topics and prompting questions.


  • Put Your phone voice on and answer with a smile!
  • Adopt a Winners Mindset – positive attitude, high energy, optimistic about life
  • Use appreciation and be grateful – great, fantastic, wow!, awesome
  • Ask some relationship building questions – find any connections/ things in common
  • Listen and repeat back their Key Event information – ask for clarification and more info
  • Prospects buy with emotions and justify later with logic. They are buying YOU.

Ask Big Picture Questions

  • What have you got in mind?
  • Wow! Tell me more about your event
  • What sort of thing do you want?
  • Tell me more about that…
  • Help me to understand more about your…

Find Out the Source of the Enquiry

  • Do you mind if I ask how you found out about me/us?

Past Experience Booking Speakers/Running Events

  • Have you used any Speakers Bureau before?
  • Have you done this event in the past?
  • Have you used paid professional speakers before?
  • Who have you used in the past?
  • Which speakers have you used in the past?
  • Who has been the best speaker you’ve had?

Process Questions

  • When do you begin to plan the meeting?
  • Where are you up to in the planning?
  • Where are you up to in your journey?
  • How far down the track are you?
  • Why have you chosen now to contact us?

Bureaus/Speaker Considering

  • Who else are you already talking to?
  • Have you gone to any other speakers or bureaus?

Speaker Selection

  • Who has already been proposed?
  • Have you seen any other speakers you liked?
  • What specifically do you know about that speaker?
  • What are you looking for in a speaker for your event?
  • How long would you like them to speak for?

Event Details

  • Do you have a specific meeting date in mind?
  • What type of event/meeting is this?
  • Where will the meeting be held? – local, interstate, international?
  • What sort of audience? How big?
  • Tell me more about the venue.
  • How long is the whole event?

Event Theme

  • What’s the most important message you want communicated at the event?
  • Is there a theme or focus to the meeting?BEST QUESTIONS FOR SPEAKERS & SPEAKER BUREAU CONSULTANTS
  • How did you decide on that particular theme?

Offering Extras and Add-Ons?

Ask questions about extra offerings that you might be able to help with

  • Multiple presentations on different topics at the event
  • Break out workshops
  • Master of Ceremonies for the event
  • Guest Panel facilitation
  • After dinner speaker
  • Entertainment
  • VIP or sponsor lunch
  • Your products or books – budget for L&D materials?
  • Post event follow-up – like webinars or materials

Extras Questions

  • Who is going to do the MC work, boosting the energy and helping it run on time?
  • Are you thinking of having any panels – do you need a facilitator for that?
  • Need any entertainment/comedians?


  • Let’s have a quick chat about your budget
  • Are you happy to share about your budget?
  • Is there a budget I should be aware of?
  • Any idea of indicative price?

Planning and Decision Process

  • How and when is the decision being made?
  • How is the decision made regarding speakers?
  • Is there a committee or CEO approving this?
  • When are you going to make a decision?
  • What do you require from me to help the committee/CEO make a better decision?
  • Who, apart from yourself, is involved in making a final decision?
  • How soon will you be making a final decision on your choice of speakers?

Event Success Criteria

  • Anything else I should know to make this event a real success?
  • Is there anything that I haven’t asked you that you would really like me to know about your meeting?

Next Steps

  • What are the next steps moving to forward on this?
  • When would you like to speak again?

Plant the Seed to Get Referrers

  • Any other colleagues need a hand with speakers?

Recommended Resources for Speaker Bureau Consultants and Speakers Handling Inbound Enquiries

  • by Lois Creamer – Business Manager for one of America’s best speakers – Shep Hyken. Great Website and book full of tips!
  • Laurie Guest – NSA National Speakers Association USA

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