What are the Best Events to Showcase your Speaking Talent?


There are many events where you can be in front of a room full of potential buyers to showcase your new presentation and speaking talent.

NOTE: There is a LOT at stake at these events, so these are NOT events for newbies or beginner speakers. If you are a NEW Speaker here are the Organisations seeking Guest Speakers


These particular events can have MANY speakers on the big stage and some have smaller breakout rooms where you can get great exposure to many potential buyers in your target market.

If you do a great job in the workshops or breakouts you may qualify for a slot on the main stage the following year.



  • Take stacks of business cards and a pen
  • Go with a buddy and introduce each other – “This is (name) – the best …. in Australia”
  • Turn up early – meet the event organisers and see who is attending
  • Stay late – the best connectors are there at the end
  • Practice your pitch as a speaker – “I help audiences …..”
  • Tell “third party” success stories – “I had a client who ….”
  • Ask Q – “Does your company have conferences or events?”
  • Ask – “Who else do you know here?”
  • If you get stuck with a dud – take them over to speak to someone else. Join 2 into 3 & leave.
  • Collect their business cards and immediately ask to connect on LinkedIn – you can use your iphone to upload and capture the card details.


BEST PLACES TO NETWORK – in order of usefulness

  • Anyplace where there are multiple buyers attending. Go get leads!
  • Meetings and Events of ANY large ASSOCIATION – full of different businesses
  • Chambers of Commerce – Each State (VECCI), Aust/US, Aust/Israel, Aust/France etc
  • Expos and conferences at Convention Centres in every capital city – collect names/soft sell!
  • CEDA – Centre for Economic Development Australia
  • FCA State and National meetings – Franchise Council of Australia – franchisors here!
  • AIM – Australian Institute of Management – lots of mid level execs here
  • PSA – Professional Speakers Australia – all speakers know stacks of leads for conferences they have previously done! – be nice to a speaker today and they can help you get work!
  • MEA – Meetings and Events Assoc of Australia – venue salespeople and PCOs
  • PCO – Professional Conference Organiser Assoc – Mostly PCOs
  • EA and PA events – for Exec Assistants
  • Leadership Events – full of leaders
  • Large Charity Gala events can be good
  • Business Networking Events – can be full of small business salespeople
  • Womens Networking events – mostly smaller businesses

This list of speaking and promotional opportunities for speakers is a work in progress – If you have any other events or organisations to suggest – please contact me.

For more ideas and speaker advice call Dave Staughton on 0408375100 or send an email.

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