Who are the Best Conference MCs in Australia?

How to Find the Perfect Master of Ceremonies for Your Event.

Organising a successful event or conference is a really big effort. Many conferences can cost over $100,000 and some beyond $1 million to run. All that time, money and sheer hard work means that a lot is at stake. It’s also really critical that the event run smoothly.

Hiring a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) will ensure that the event is seamless and runs to budget but coordinating the “on-stage show” needs a skilled Master of Ceremonies (or MC).

A great MC will make the task look easy – introducing speakers and thanking people – but it is not an easy role. It also requires planning and attention to detail. The ability to smoothly handle minor problems and major event disasters. Solid knowledge of audio visual technology is handy too.

My background of 15 years and doing 2000+ events as a venue owner in the wedding industry taught me the importance of a running a timely schedule and the important role of a “Master of Ceremonies” (MC) to  keep the show on the road.

Further, having attended hundreds of conferences since starting on the speaking circuit in 2006, I have seen lots of different styles of Master of Ceremonies – some formal, some casual, some funny, some good and some not so good.

Types of Masters of Ceremonies

There are three main types of Master of Ceremonies (MCs) for events:

  1. Celebrity MCs – Personalities from media, TV, radio, sports and even famous ex-politicians can command audience respect – for example Andrew Daddo or Steven Bradbury
  2. Comedian MCs – Usually famous stand up comedians and comics that do (mostly) clean comedy and keep energy high – for example Marty Wilson or Scott Williams
  3. Corporate or Business MCs – Specialist MCs that are humorists (but not offensive) and specialise in running seamless business style events.

My Favourite MCs – Some of the best MCs in Australia 

Here are some of my favourite Australian Corporate MCs that I would strongly recommend to make your conference or event run smoothly (in no particular order)

As a speaker, I have also seen some absolutely terrible MCs in the past – one dead pan guy thought it was hilarious to ridicule and abuse all the company management team. Always hard to recover after a really poor introduction like that!

As a result, please avoid hiring amateur MC’s or people who just think they are funny.

Pictures of the Best MCs in Australia

To Make the Most of Your Conference or Event Investment Always Choose a Professional Conference MC

A professional MC can also help add more value to your conference by:

  • Acting as conference ambassador to promote the event by posting live on social media
  • Making videos to market the event or as a follow up to the event
  • Collecting “Vox Pop” from the audience to promote next year’s event
  • Interviewing exhibitors and sponsors – live or on screen/video
  • Being a panel facilitator
  • Running a “hypothetical” session
  • Interviewing someone famous or successful from the audience (On the couch with…)

For further information or to book any of these great MCs call your friendly speakers bureau.

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