5 Great Tips For Growing Your Conference Attendance

How to Grow the Size of Your Event

We all want our conference to be a resounding success. With so much time and effort setting up the perfect event, you want to ensure it is highly memorable and ensure it keeps on growing! We all want a bigger audiences that come back and bring others.

So here are my top 5 tips for Conference Planning to make your event memorable!

1: Use Short Videos to Promote Your Conference 

Get your speakers to make several short promo videos for the conference and send them out to promote the event. If you can do a site inspection make sure you make a few small videos to promote all the features of the venue, location and region – food, fun, and amazing facilities. Send out links to the videos uploaded on Youtube or Vimeo.

2: No Time for Amateur Presenters 

Amateur hour can ruin your conference. Hungry sponsors want more back for their buck in these turbulent times which makes conference planning a key issue. Let your Professional MC or Facilitator interview your sponsors on the couch on stage rather than let them present and turn your conference into a boring flog-a-thon.

Internal speakers can also make or break your event – get your internal presenters some helpful coaching and make sure you see their slide deck well before the event. Look up the “TED commandments for speakers” for some great tips for newbies – use more pictures and less text!

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3: Go High Tech and Find a Volunteer Tech Team

Most older conference attendees have a smartphone but don’t really know how to use one. Organise some younger attendees and get them to show others how to use some simple Apps –  Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In. Give them Tech Team badges & T-shirts and allocate a table for a tech help desk. Have a few phone chargers on hand too. Add a spectacular spot for photo opportunities with a big conference sign or a Celebrity/Speaker photo spot (Media Wall) and you’ll have loads of attendees snapping pics and promoting your event online. Video and Photo sharing can also be useful.

4: Harness “Star Power” for Wow factor

If you really want to grow your conference, build your brand and get more attendees – consider catching a Super Star. Big name speakers attract media attention, social media mentions and get your key messages out. There are several smart and innovative ways you can afford a big name speaker  like running a special VIP-only event like a luncheon, finding a willing sponsor or  even satellite feed. Talk to your speakers bureau consultant to find out how.

5: Freebies and Merch!

Attendees love anything for free and most Professional Speakers will happily offer prizes, a useful E-Book or a follow-up Webinar to help implement their inspiring ideas. Ask your speakers for some prizes, giveaways and extra goodies and see what you can get. We have a garage full!

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If you would like more information on successful conference planning, or to book David for your next conference, contact us today!

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